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Start selling

Sell your products everywhere:
your store, social media platforms,
and even other online marketplaces!

Sell on popular
marketplaces at home
and abroad

Sync your products between platforms

Import product data from other online marketplaces to your Cafe24 admin page and vice versa.

Manage everything in one space

Gather information from different online marketplaces in one place to effortlessly manage orders, customer inquiries, requests, and reviews.
(This feature will launch toward the end of 2020.)

Reach more platforms
with a Buy Now URL

Diversify your sales channels

Customers don't need to find your store to place an order anymore.
Attract customers directly from social media platforms by sharing a Buy Now URL.

Simplify the purchasing process

Shorten the purchasing process with a Buy Now URL that redirects customers directly to the checkout page.

Give a perfect first
impression with
Home Page
Category Layout +

Effortlessly organize your product layout

Simply drag and drop products to add them to your page and change their layout.

Compare product data

Strategically organize your product layout by comparing key data, such as a product's sales volume and number of hits.


Find products in no time
with Shopping Curation

Detailed search for perfect results

Help customers quickly find the exact product they are looking for thanks to detailed search options.

Hashtags for better product visibility

Add popular hashtags to your products.
Display products by hashtag or use them in your promotional campaigns.

Start selling with Cafe24 for free